People who are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur for their vacation have several factors to consider. This is because there are many tourist attractions in and around Kuala Lumpur. Since KL is their destination they can also prefer visiting the tourist spots which are nearby. Legoland is one such spot which is always the option of all the people who are landing in KL. Even though one can take the train from KL to Legoland, many people prefer moving on the road trip and especially through bus. This is because there are many exciting things to come across while moving on a bus journey.

Bus route from KL to Legoland

The journey time from KL to Legoland is about 4 hours. And this timing will get varied depending upon the traffic. People who are travelling in peak hours should spend some extra minutes in this journey. Basically the bus routes will get differed depending upon the bus operator who is chosen. Some buses will stop by Puteri harbor, Helllo Kitty Town and Bukit Bintang; whereas there are some bus operators who operate from Legoland to Bukit Bintang without stopping anywhere. The tourists can prefer choosing these routes according to their interest. However, they are supposed to consider the travel timing in order to save time.

The most interesting journey

People who are interested in enjoying the beauty of Kuala Lumpur can prefer moving on this bus travel without any constraint. This is because this journey will be very interesting and exciting. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of this place at the best during their bus travel. The only thing which the tourists are supposed to note is they must book the tickets for this travel in advance. There are enormous numbers of bus operators who can be hired from travelling from KL to Legoland. However, the tourists tend to choose the bus operator who tend to provide them greater comfort and safety throughout the journey. Hence people who are in need to book bus from KL to Legoland can refer their reviews before placing the booking.

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