You get 50000 followers on instagram which is completely free of cost. You have to choose a numberwithin 1 and 50,000, or you can also send your account directly. Your account is highly secure with us as the methods used are completely legal. An encryption of 256bit is used and the followers are contacted using secluded proxy.

You have to fill up some details to get free followers like your username, the number of followers you want, and in how many days the followers should be delivered. Apart from these questions nothing personal questions such as your password is asked.

Various steps to get followers

  • free followers on instagramYour username- you have to type your username in the empty field and you must write the “@”sign before the username. Be sure to cross check the name to ensure it is correct. Package- you have to enter how many followers you want to be delivered, there is a wide variety of package so please select one which is suitable for you. There can be customized packages too, and for that you have to mail the members of the website.
  • To give slowly- there is a unique function where you can choose a number to whole month, but waiting for 3-4 days is recommended so that the profile looks natural to the followers.
  • You can also gain followers by claiming smaller packages for a nice starting base.

The survey says that the offer is 100% fast and effective. Without the survey the website would have slowed down by computer programs that take advantage of the service. If that would have happened the clients would have been able to access the service. The survey does not take more than 5 minutes to fill out. In the survey you have to give details such as your name and your phone number. The survey asks your opinion aboutcertain things that mustbe answered in yes or no. It can be ratings between 1 and 5 also. Sparing this much time in survey gives you free followers on Instagram.

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