When a business grows or imports and exports huge number of things than usual, it needs additional space to accommodate everything. This will need expansion of the space to store everything. Building the space often needs time and the operation cannot be halt. There is a way to expand the space without halting the operation. It is the use of mezzanine system. It is a cost effective solution that add extra space within the warehouse in the vertical arrangement. While installing the mezzanine system, we need to consider the specific framing options, safety codes, load specification, access point requirements, product loading and unloading works, flooring type and few other considerations.

When you decide on choosing the mezzanine flooring system, then you have to decide on finding the various options. There are few mezzanine systems available that are highly dependent towards the application and building layout.

structural mezzanine

  • Free standing mezzanine system – This system is also known as structural mezzanine. This allows us to most of the floor and few level spaces towards the ceiling. With the use of this flooring, it is easy to assemble and disassemble. Since this structure uses wide span, the traffic flow is controlled under the platform. It is suitable option for product storage and various parts with conveyor support.
  • Rack supported warehouse mezzanine system – This is the system which can be built in between the or above the racks to get additional storage space. Since this is built in between the racks, this is known as catwalks. Within the racking system, they uses multiple loading and unloading things.
  • Shelves supported mezzanine system – It is the option to expand the storage for smaller things above the existing racks. This is built in the form of shelves which acts as the base for mezzanine. This is the economical way to expand space with flexible accessing facility.

As we know mezzanine flooring is the ideal option built to access the various kind of storage without mess. We can hire a professional racking system, to install the mezzanine floor and get access to the right solution needs to load and unload materials.

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