Are you planning to buy a folding bike? If yes, then, you ought to grab all the information required to buy the best folding bike.

A basic guide for buying folding guides says that the size of the wheels should fall between 16”-20”. Very small or very large wheels will not be that great for a ride. Also the size of the bike is important. Too small one will lack the comfort and a very large one will not prove to be too good when folded. The time for folding a bike should not take more than 15minutes. Any more time taken will make it time consuming. It should be made into compact size to fit in any storage space. The weight of the bike should also be between 10-15 kgs. A very heavy bike would be difficult to lift and store and a very light one may not be that durable. Features like performance and speed should be well studied before finalizing the bike. You can have a test ride of the bike and check for its performance. Read the complete folding bike review now!

best folding bike10Folding bikes are best for carrying them around from one place to another and very convenient in terms of being light weighted.

Foldable bikes are of different types and have different styles of folding.  One type of bike folds mid way or halfway which makes the bike to fold half in size.  The second type of foldable bike makes use of a triangle hinge in the frame which makes the rear triangle and wheel to be folded and flipped and made into a compact size. This helps in folding and unfolding the bike very quickly and easily. The last type is a breakaway type. This allows the bike to be dismantled for purpose of packing and travelling around.

The perfect ice breaker: The foldable bike raises a whole lot of curiosity and this itself has known to be a conversation starter for many. So with this baby, you need not worry about being a wall flower. Rest assured you will have many flocking to you asking you about it.

The best models for folding bikes are Schwinn and Strida. Both these models are almost similar in terms of their structure and easy maintenance too. Strida is a much more popular choice among people for possessing smart looks as well.

Considering all these factors, a good folding bike can be purchased.

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