Have you ever regretted for buying a pair of earrings online that is not suited for your face shape? If so, then this article will help you in choosing an adorable one that matches with your face feature. So, you can indubitably make people not to take their eyes off from you. One thing that you can make use of to grab of attention of someone is by wearing attractive studs. When you have bought an expensive one but incase if it does not apt for the shape of your face, then it will not look good on you.

Then, how will you choose the right earrings?

 This handy guide will help you in choosing the right design of earrings for your face shape.

  • Round – If you have a round face, then you have to go for long drop or dangle one so that your face will look slimmer than it is in real.

butterfly earrings

  • Square – When the edges of your face are soften, then you have to consider wearing lengthy earrings with rounded edges.
  • Rectangle – When the shape of your face is narrow or when the width of your forehead and chin is same, you have to make use of short dangles. Make sure its size is ranging from medium to large so that you look good wearing it.
  • Oval – People with oval faces are lucky, as they can wear any type of earrings and everything will suit your face. Take a look at butterfly earrings which you will definitely love the most to wear.
  • Heart-shaped – Once you have found that your chin is less wider than your forehead or if you have a heart shapes face, then you have go for earrings that are wider at down such that your cheeks can look a little wider.

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