Importance of car insurance

Many people wonder why is it important to have car insurance, especially when you just have to keep paying month after month or year after year and that too with no returns on your money. And with so many car insurance companies claiming their insurance to be best, it is essential to first know the importance of car insurance followed by choosing the best one for your car.

PLPD car insurance

Reasons to have car insurance:

  1. The first and the most important reason to get car insurance is for protection of lives. Car insurances offer protection against injuries, hospitalization, pain and suffering also (depending on your state laws).
  2. They also cover your medical expenses which includes even third party (one who got inured with your car).
  3. It can also cover your car’s physical damage. There are insurances that cover comprehensive (theft, fire, storm etc.) and collision (damage due to collision to trees, automobiles, light posts etc.)

Types of car insurance:

  1. PLPD car insurance: It covers you from lawsuits. It helps you to pay the compensation to third party in case they want compensation from you. So, with PLPD car insurance in place, you can avoid such situations of financial problems.
  2. Liability insurance: Most of the states have a minimum insurance amount that one should have for the driver. But if you can afford it, it is advisable to get a liability insurance done which will cover the damage caused to your car in a n accident.
  3. Collision insurance: It pays for the repair in your car in case the accident has happened due to a collision. In case that the repair cost exceeds the car’s value, you can expect only the value of car.
  4. Comprehensive insurance is good to have as it can get you the cost in case of theft, storm etc. However, it is a costly insurance and it is purely one’s choice.
  5. The most important and must have insurance is personal injury protection as it help with the cost associated with the accident. With this in place, all medicals bills associated with the accident will be paid.


Car insurance is a must and should have one if you own a car. It should definitely have a coverage for lives with coverage to property etc. depends on your choice.

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