Need to shift your home? Do it in a more organized way! Check out these mind-blowing tips on how to prepare when moving in your new home

1. Get ready!

Moving is the ideal time to clean up and get rid of all those things you don’t use or don’t need. If you are one of those who prefer to save, but not even a pin enters your new house, you can rent a storage room (from $ 35 / month). At this time it will be great to store beach chairs, umbrellas, even summer clothes. Once you get used to it, you can’t live without it.

Then, review. Check that you can use the elevator to climb furniture (there are communities that are prohibited); Park your car at the door of your house, so that on “D-Day” you can change it for the van; unplug the fridge the night before …

2. Do they do it to me or do I do it?prepare when moving in your new home

It depends on several factors, but especially your budget and the helpers you can count on. A move for a house of about 70-80 m2 costs about $ 500-600 (25 m3), provided you do not need to hire a crane to climb the furniture along the facade (about $ 160), whether or not there is an elevator, you can park at the door, etc. Keep in mind the issue of the franchise (between € 90-200), because, in case of problems, it is the part that you must pay

3. I eat it, I stew it

If you do it yourself (yes, with the help of other member of the family willing to sacrifice a Saturday or a Sunday), you will have to rent a van. For you to enter everything without a problem, it must have a capacity of about 18m3. Its price ranges from $ 100-150 for a day. Halfway between one option or another, you have the possibility to rent only the transfer of the goods (about $ 400), although with it you do not avoid making boxes and disassembling furniture.

4. Moment “Collect Boxes”

Always remember, to make things ready, you should about three weeks before moving day. You can begin with arranging the boxes of the merchants in the area and if you need more, buy them from the moving companies (from $2).

Hope this helps! Now enjoy an effortless shifting with these effective tips of shifting to a new home.

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