In order to have a concise idea about the cervical spine surgery, knowledge about the spine needs to be obtained. The spinal column goes on to protect the spinal cord.  Nerves tend to emerge from the spinal cord and this tends to spread to other parts of the body. The goal of this form of surgery is to reduce the pain and restore the abnormal motion of the spine. The main aim of this surgery is to restore the lost function of the spine and to detect the abnormalities associated with the same.

The preparation phase

It is not only about mental, but a lot of physical preparation is involved as far as this surgery is concerned. Your physical condition needs to be good before you opt for this surgery. In fact you would also want to reassess your home as things should be in your grip once you reach back home.

  • Do stop any form of medications or vitamin supplements close to 2 weeks before the surgery. If there is a list of supplements or vitamins that you are consuming then maintain a log of them and discuss with your surgeon before you plan for surgery
  • If you are into smoking, stop them a couple of weeks before surgery. This goes on to interfere with bone graft healing
  • A pre surgical physical is suggested and this needs to be done 10 days before the surgery. It would mean that you need to be in good health before the surgery is done. This would include blood tests and an overview about the medical history of the patient.
  • Once again put things in your place at home so that when you come back everything is within your reach. Do put things in such a place that one does not require too much bending as well. Also make it a point that the rugs are removed so that you do not trip and fall over them.
  • A ride should be organized to enable you to reach the hospital. Once the surgery is over you will not be in a position to ride till a few days. In the midst of all this make it a point that there is someone to assist you with the routine chores
  • Prepare your hospital bags well in advance. This would include your clothes along with a pair of slippers. Do not forget to carry your identity card and these needs to include your debit along with credit card as well.
  • An advanced directive needs to be prepared. This leaves the onus on your family member to take important decisions on your behalf.
  • Before 9 hours of the surgery you should not eat or drink anything. You can ask your doctor any last minute instructions that might be needed.

It is suggested that you link up with a medical tourism company of repute. Most of the best hospitals for spine surgery in India are linked up with them. So you can have the best in terms of treatment.

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