While drug tests are usually standard operation procedures in some companies, the use of recreational drugs such as marijuana is still inevitable especially for employees looking for something to help them relax during the weekends and help relieve stress from work as well as have a bit of a good time and let loose.

Most of the time, these blue collar pot smokers have already found a way around the standard drug test which uses urine samples to detect the presence of THC. While they might have found a solution for that, mentioning the hair follicle drug test will surely strike fear into their hearts and you can also see the fear in their eyes as their minds go into a state of panic. Why? The hair follicle drug exam is notoriously near impossible to pass which is why knowing how to beat a hair follicle test is a vital and treasured information amongst this community.

how to beat a hair follicle test

How does this dreaded exam work?

Unlike the regular drug test wherein the lab tests urine samples for THC traces, the hair follicle drug test does it a bit differently. Instead of searching for traces of THC, it searches for THC metabolites instead, more specifically THC-COOH. All the lab needs is 1.5 inches of your hair from the root to determine whether you have been using marijuana or not. Up to how long can they detect marijuana usage? With that 1.5 inch hair, they can detect around 90 days’ worth of “data” or roughly around 3 months which means that they can detect if you had been smoking at that house party you went to two and a half weeks earlier.

What if I go bald?

If you shave off all your hair before the test, don’t. It will just make you look more incriminating and besides, not only the hair on your head can be used to determine marijuana usage, technically every strand of hair on your body can be used to test for marijuana. At this rate, shaving off every ounce of hair from your entire body might get you to pass the exam, although it makes you look really guilty.

No home remedies

No matter how hard you might look in the internet if there is some sort of home remedy you can do, those “home remedies” you might find just don’t really have any credible data or records with how successful these “remedies” are.

Probably the only successfully used remedy is the “Macujo method” wherein it involves mixing a few chemicals as well as specific shampoos and rinsing the hair over and over again. There is a sure 90% success rate for all the people who have tried the method, the remaining 10% who failed might have probably been too high to fully understand the instructions in the method.

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