Yeti butting is the newest trend on the social media and girls are going gaga and crazy over this.  Girls getting have to sit on a yeti cooler for some minutes and another girl has to take a snapshot from behind. It is the newest trend in the and it is because of this that the craze for yeti butt is increasing every day.  people online are going for some crazy challenges like the ice bucket challenge, chubby bunny challenge, the cinnamon challenge and the ALS ice bucket challenge.

yeti butting

The college girls are mostly affected by it. The style is quite simple. The yeti butting style has emerged to be the show stealer with girls getting their butts nipped and posting the photos on social media. Social media is the become an ideal platform for posting all such types of pictures. After the exhaustion of ice bucket challenge and the cinnamon challenge, the stills have been captivating and taking the instagram by a storm.  Few girls are doing it out of sheer pleasure while some are paying the price of fighting a challenge. Reason be it any but the final outcome and result of it is still the same. Some doing it for entertainment purposes while the others doing it for charity or raising awareness purpose. The catch is all a girl has to get a yeti cooler and a butt.

All she has to do is to sit straight with the back arched backwards and pressuring against the cooler for sometime while a person from behind clicks a snap. Then you have this picture to be uploaded on the social media platform and then you can invite your friends and other mates to face the challenge. Even you have an instagram account associated with it where you can post your photo, put in some nasty weird caption and then challenge your friends for the yeti butting challenge. One more drill of it is that the girl has to sit in the bikini or an underwear and then pose for the snap. It should look that the person sitting on the yeti cooler has to endure chillness of the cooler. It shouldn’t be just leaning against the cooler and turning down the offer. The snap takes should be scintillating, ravishing and glorious enough to raise every eyebrow that is pointed towards it. So accept this challenge only if you can endure the frozen and chilled butts.

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