BR1M is one of the schemes launched by the government to help the poor and under privileged people of Malaysia. This one is one of the many schemes that was announced in the election manifesto that has been implemented for the benefit of the government. This scheme is going to continue till 2018. BR1M stands for Bantaun Rakyat 1 Malaysia. It is a new aid scheme announced by the prime minister of the country. It has been upgraded to different payment schemes. Initially when the scheme was launched the aid was handed out to individuals and households but now the schemes have been given a new makeover.

This is a great package or economic aid or even a welfare payment which will help the mentally or physically challenged or both, old aged persons, widows and people who have met with misfortune have no means of earning and are homeless. By this scheme so many people are benefitted and are still reaping the benefits as the scheme will continue as per the prime minister’s announcement.

semakan br1m 2018

People living below poverty line are able to gain through this scheme make a better life out of the payments doled out to them. The beauty of this scheme is, that it does not matter how the economy of the country is the people who are suffering and are in need of help continue to get this help by the way of BR1M. That is why it is a populist scheme and people have felt their lives have changed with the introduction of the scheme.

The name itself suggests it is a stimulus package so that the economy improves. It is periodically given so that the people don’t feel the pressures of rise in inflation etc. BR1M is paid from the collection of GST. This is a scheme where people can apply to get BR1M payment. Here an amount of RM1200 is given to households who don’t earn RM3000 per month. This way the earnings are further determined and the payments are handed out. This way it is ensured that money does not go to people who do not deserve them.

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