Debt Collector is a person or employee or group of employees who collects debt from customers regularly. According to Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA), any business or organization has complete right to take their money from customers which has been borrowed by them. Customers have to return that money in some time with interest or they can pay it in installments. So, organizations hire some employees in their business to get their money back. These employees are known as debt collectors. Debt collectors have to follow many rules and laws while contacting with customers. It is mandatory that all debt collectors must read all rules and regulations in FDCPA act.


What are requirements for becoming debt collector?

A person must have high school diploma course in accounting or finance or somewhat similar course.

Debt collectors contact customers for getting amount of money they have borrowed. Debt collectors contacted through customers via phone call or e mail.  If customer is not living on that current location, he tries to track him by web, post offices or other mode of communication. Debt collectors may work from office or from home.

Some of the responsibilities that every debt collector must follow, are given below:

  • Prepare

As a debt collector, it is your duty to have all papers and proofs with you when you contact to debtor and asking for money.

  • Contact

When you contact to debtor, first make sure you are talking to right person, otherwise it will lead to dispute. You must have to tell your purpose of calling and also tell him about the deadlines.

  • Attitude

Attitude of debt collectors is straight forward. Customer has taken debt from your company and you have right to ask for money. So, be positive and this thing should be in your talkative attitude.

  • Productive

Conversation with customer should be productive like he must be agreeing to pay debts as soon as possible. Do not be like this I will pay or I do not have any debt from your company.

  • Flexible

 While talking to customer, it must be in your mind that what type of customer is and you should be aware about his conditions. You must be ready to accept his circumstances.

  • Time

If any customer has promised to pay debt in 90 days and even he did not contact you to pay debt, remind him in a regular interval of time.


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