If you want to establish a new private limited company, you need to know about the key features of this kind of business. In this article we are going to talk about the main attributes of the private limited company. If you want to register company in singapore, you can contact us.

Attributes of Private Limited Company

There are some unique features of private limited company, which makes this form of business registration very much popular among the businessmen. So, let us talk about the attributes of private limited company.

Members of Private Limited Company

To begin the organization, the least number of 2 individuals is required and greatest of 200 individuals.

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The constrained risk in private limited company

The liability investor is restricted. This implies if an organization needs to confront any misfortunes under any conditions, its investors are obligated to offer their property for installment. Investors’ own property isn’t in danger. Take our help to register company in singapore.

Proceeded with progression in private limited company

The organization is available according to the law even if there should arise an occurrence of liquidation and any bank of its insolvencies. It prompts persistent progression of the organization. The life of the organization lives until the end of time.

File of Members in private limited company

 A privately-owned business has a benefit since they don’t need to keep their individuals’ record, while the general population organization needs to keep up a rundown of its members.

Numerous Directors in private limited company

When it comes to executives, a privately-owned business just requires two chiefs. With the presence of 2 directors, a privately-owned business can come into activity.

The naming convention of private limited company

Use of Private Limited word after the name of every single privately-owned business is obligatory.

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