As an iPhone user, you are restricted into a circle of apple store. It does not allow every app to download within the apple device. It is like a jail where you are arrested to use only the limited apps from the store. If you try to run any unauthorized application within the iOS, you can get the option to download or you may be locked out from the device. Whatever application may be built, it should meet the apple’s stringent guideline to get its way. So get out from the apple world and access many other apps, tweaks and many other options, jailbreak system is implemented. This method uses the hacking technology where they hack the device with user permission and helps in installing many other unauthorized applications. In apple devices, apps are like sandbox. You are not allowed to have access out of that sandbox. If you wish to get out from that box, then sandbox is the only option.

jailbreaking software

There is various jailbreak software invented by many hackers. Few works well and few do not. After the release of apple’s latest version, many jailbreak software started with its downfall. Because of the strong firewall used by apple with the latest, there is no other software can be used to break that wall. In that Cydia has made its revolution. This works well with all the version of apple devices. This jailbreak is not limited to iPhone alone. They can be used by the entire apple device like iPhone, iPod and iPad.

As jailbreaking software, it is developed to support all the version of apple. It is said that, it will support even the upcoming versions. While you want to download this software, you do not have to connect with any computer. To download and install this software, you do not need any other browser. You can install it from safari and start to use any application from the apple store. As this is the online jailbreaker, Cydia supports any kind of apple version. With the 24X7 customer support, you can solve any issues faced with the Cydia jailbreaker.

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