Instagram is an online mobile photo sharing, video sharing and social networking service application that enable its users to take pictures and videos and to share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of social networking platforms, like Facebook, Twitter. In Instagram photos can be searched by using hashtags. It has also upgraded its search function to make it much easier to find the people, pictures and videos. One of the new features is the place search which allows the users to look at any location on earth to see what content the people are posting from there at specific time and they can know what they are looking at the holiday destination, checking out for the local places or keeping track of fashion trends at a musical festival. Meanwhile the top search lets the person to search across people, place and tags all in single box rather than to use separate tabs for people and for hashtags. This may include the persons whom the users have searched before. They are placed in an order of most interacted person to the least. It is been a long time coming and the Instagram search has been notoriously clunky for many years.


Why people appearing on to searches:

The photo sharing app has introduced a new explore section and this surface is trending with the hashtags, places and featured collections of content selected by the Instagram’s editorial team. The Facebook owned company is trying to get people to explore more than 70 million images that get uploaded to the app each day. The more pictures the user’s scroll through, the more advertisement the Instagram can show them, which means that more money in the Facebook coffer. One can also delete their Instagram history by clicking the clear search history option. Instagram’s search involves complex algorithms taking all the elements such as hashtags, locations, users and media as interest. All of these are grouped together into sets which can be quarried using extremely efficient set operation such as AND, OR and NOT. The result of these operations are efficiently ranked and trimmed to only the most relevant profile for a given query. Instagram also takes into account who you follow and who they follow in order to provide a more personalized set of result. This means that it is easy to find someone based on the people who you follow.

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