Bundesliga is back for its 55th season. Germany’s premier football match is part of the European top four leagues alongside the Serie A, the English Premier League, and La Liga. Yet among all of them, the Bundesliga has the distinction of being the most watched league. If you’re curious to find out why this is so, then read on to learn the reasons why fans love the German league more.

Fans love its ticket prices

The German league offers the most affordable season tickets. You can’t find anything else to match its prices. As it turns out, the cost of buying a season ticket for the top tier of German football is less than what you pay for in the Premier League. Hence, it’s no wonder some English fans settle for lower tiers. Even if you match prices for standing or seating ticket, you’re still ahead with the Bundesliga.

fußball app

Hertha Berlin recently offered female football fans half off on ticket prices in honor of Bibiana Steinhaus’ debut as the first female referee in the German league’s history.

Fans love the Stadium

Accessibility to the matches is another point in favor of the Bundesliga. Then again, this seems like a no brainer considering the efficiency of the German transport sector. Did you know the cost of traveling to a match within the host city is part of the ticket price? Yes, it is. Then again, if you plan to bring your own bike to the game, rest assured they have bike stands to accommodate your ride.

Another reason why fans love the stadium is safety. Safe standing remains a key feature of the Bundesliga stadia. These areas are managed to ensure the welfare of fans. Hence, it retains the excitement of watching the matches and makes for an authentic football experience.

Fans love drinking beer while watching

It’s legal in all Bundesliga clubs to sell beer in their stadia. Hence, you can drink before, all throughout the match, and even afterward. What’s more, you can have the traditional bratwurst for a snack. However, you’ll need to have a chip card with you when buying because sales are made through cashless vending.

Fans love the app

To begin with, it’s free. Yet the fußball app gives you all the news you want about Bundesliga. Moreover, it’s happening in real time. Hence, you’re always up to date on scores and game highlights.

If you’re a fan, share your reasons for loving the Bundesliga.

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