Vertical Jump is an action performed by an individual who jumps from his own centre vertically to a height. It is calculated with the measurement that how high a person can raise through from the ground. It is used as a tool for measuring the strength, power and the capability to use this power. The measurements of vertical jump are taken in sports performance. These are particularly used in sports items such as basket ball, football, volley ball and net ball. Always this is measured during their physical examination.

There are two types of Vertical Jump, they are Running vertical jump and Standing vertical jump.

Running vertical jump is the jump after a run which helps to add energy than the standing position.

Standing vertical jump is used as measurement officially.

Vertical Jump Training

There are many training methods at to improve the performance of vertical jumping.Some of them are as below.

  • Plyometric training: This is commonly know as Jump Training. This is an exercise for which muscles apply maximum force in a small interval of time with the target of increasing the strength. Repeated jumping helps the muscle to contract from expansion. These are commonly used by the sports person to increase their performance. Everytime when the person jumps muscles gets stretched. Plyometrics is specialized to be for strength development.Vertical Jump Training8
  • Weight training: This is another form of method which is done by lifting the weight .This is one of the strength training to develop the strength and size of the muscles. This is done by lifting dumbbells, weighted bars which gives the force which opposes the muscle force developed by the body. There are some of the sports items for which weight training is primarily important such as body building, weight lifting, shot put and javelin throw.
  • Whole body Vibration training: Vibration training is a factor in which vibration of any particular equipment or frequency is transferred to the human body. With the whole body vibration physiotherapy, it consists of massages by some light equipment or by exercises.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training: In this kind of training muscle contraction happens due to electrical impulses. It is used as tool used in some patients to test their neuro and muscular functions. Certain body functions produced by this electrical signal lead to long term change in the muscles.
  • Muscle Contraction: Muscle contraction activates the muscle tension without producing any change in muscle length .Muscle contraction can be done by holding a book or a dumbbell.

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