You have decided to buy a mountain bike and what to do next? As there are various types of bikes, you need to consider many more aspects. Every type of bikes suits different occasions. There are at least 5 different types of bikes and each bike is designed to get used on the different types of terrains and obstacles. There are many advantages and disadvantages based on the purpose of usage. Before buying a bike, it is important to understand the places where you will ride and what are the types of bike you will encounter on every ride. Here is the guide that will help you decide on the type of mountain bike for every usage. The different types of mountain bike are

  1. Cross country bike – The bike is designed for the off road usage with minimal to moderate obstacles. The weight of bike is estimated to be around 20 to 30 pounds. This is made of lightweight materials to get in the speed with all possible directions. This types uses air shock suspension systems and is more rigid that other mountain bikes. According to the suspension, there are two types of cross country bikes; they are hard tail and full suspension.
  • Hard tail – This type do not have rear suspension and you need to add suspension forks for more comfortable ride. This weighs less than a full suspension. This has greater seat stay and chain stay. It is more durable than full suspension bikes which require low maintenance.
  • Full suspension bike – The front and rear part are suspended which have the front fork and rear part integrated to resemble the motorbike. This heavier than other types and is more comfortable for tide than the hard tail.xds bikes
  1. Trail bike – This has softer suspension and requires more pedaling effort by the rider. There are three different types of mountain bikes comes under this category. They are
  • Downhill mountain bike – Since this type is designed for down the hill riding, it is designed with less weight around 40 pounds. Also the braking system is built with the use of hydraulic brakes to stop at the higher speeds. Consider buying these type of bikes from top manufacturer like xds bicycle company.
  • Free ride mountain bike – This looks similar to downhill bike but it is easier to pedal. This is the combination of downhill and cross country bike.
  • Dirt jump mountain bike – This kind of bike is used for jumping, racing and street riding. This is designed with softer suspension along strong materials as described in the xds bikes.


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