The bond between human beings and animals relates back to time immemorial and has been known to be quite strong. Research studies have shown that owners of pets tend to have reduced blood pressure, cholesterol and improved mental health among other benefits as well, both physical and mental. Unlike service animals, it is easier to obtain emotional support animal certification as there is no requirement to undergo any kind of training and there is a lot of advantages like you can register your pet as an ESA to qualify for no-pet housing including nil charges as pet fee. For frequent flight traveller’s it becomes increasingly difficult to take care of their pet as you are either required to carry your pet by paying an outrageous pet fee or keeping back your pet altogether. The Air Carrier Access Act allows you to fly with your pet with no additional charges serving as a major benefit for pet owners.


Necessary documentation for ESA

The Airline Carrier Access Act provides for the necessary documents that need to be submitted to the airlines authority while checking in with an ESA. The letter forwarded to the appropriate authority must state that the passenger has an emotional or mental disability according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders- Edition IV. It has been prescribed by a professional health physician that the passenger needs an ESA while on the flight and during his/her stay out of home. The doctor providing such prescription must be a licensed mental health professional and not just any local physician. The type and date of the license held by the professional including the state in which it was provided must be mentioned along with the contents of the letter.

Payment of requisite ESA fees

There is a false belief among many individuals that payment of requisite amount of fees to the Emotional Support Animal Center will definitely fetch them a prescriptive letter. But it is actually not so as the payment of necessary fees to the center is only a guarantee that your evaluation test will be submitted to a qualified mental health physician and will be up for review. If after analysis of the test reports it is observed that it is not necessary to prescribe the assistance of an ESA and that you do not meet the required criteria no prescription letter will be issued and a complete refund of your fees will be made.

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