In these days, artificial grass is being used in many places instead of natural turf. This is why it’s quite easy to maintain and provides numerous benefits when comparing to natural grass. What artificial turf is? It’s a kind of false grass which is made from synthetic fibers to make it looks like natural one. Most commonly, the artificial grass was used in arenas and nowadays, people are using the artificial grass ontheir home lawn and commercial purpose as well.

How to install the artificial grass?

Don’t you have time to maintain your lawn? If yes, then here is the solution. Buy the artificial turf through the online stores and install it in your residential lawn to enhance the beauty of your home. There are many benefits you can get from artificial turf as it’s easy to maintain, no trimming, no watering, great look, no fertilizers, good for pets, child safety, and so on. Is it easy to install the false turf? Yes, you can do it yourself or you can hire the professional. It costs less than $20 per sq. foot. Do you want to know the installation of false grass? Let’s read here.

Step 1: Make sure that you have the entire tools needed to install the turf such as spade or turf cutter, utility knife, artificial turf, hammer, apiece of wood, and so on.

Step 2: The second step is to remove the existing surf. Dig out the soil more than 2 ½ inches depth. This is because the false turf should sit properly.

Step 3:Install weed-suppressing membrane over the lawn space that you’ve made. This is because it helps to prevent the weed formation. Install the membrane properly and cut the extra space by using a utility knife.

Step 4:After that, apply a layer of sand or grit and make a solid base to settle down the weed-suppressing membrane.

Step 5:Fill your lawn space with sand over the surface and make it a smooth surface by leveling it using a piece of wood.

Step 6: Once you’ve created a smooth soil surface, put a layer of shock-absorbent material as this is an optional step but using this sheet gives more cushioning experience.

Step 7:Apply a thin layer of adhesive on the artificial turf and place it on the lawn space and align it properly.

Step 8:Cut the artificial grass into the shape you want. After that, apply silica sand as it helps prevent moving.

Follow the aforementioned steps to install the artificial grass in your residential lawns and get a new home improvement experience.

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