Replace tobacco with Ejuice

Ever since people got to know the dangerous affects of tobacco smoking they want to leave the habit of smoking which cannot be done with sudden thought. In such circumstance E-cigarette is a good replacement. E-cigarette consists of a juice to vaporize. Thus juice used with ecigarette is termed as ejuice or smoke juice. This juice is a solution which atomizes itself into vapor. Electronic juice are made with 80*20 ratios of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol put together according to modern and temperature controlling device.


It is a mixture of vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol mixed with different flavors. Also this mixture contains nicotine. The measure of nicotine depends on the user. If they need virgin cigarette then they can avoid nicotine in their mixture. With the tobacco cigarette people will face nasty smell which irritates their nearby person who is non smokers. But this juice mixed in Electronic cigarette contains different kinds of food flavors. Many premium brands offer dozens of flavors. All the flavors used with ejuice are assorted with food grade flavoring which are used for chocolates and other baking items.

Safety measures of liquid bases

All this liquid bases are chemical free substance. They are used as food flavor add-on. Propylene glycol is a pharmaceutical liquid substance used in asthma inhaler and nebulizer. Thus the additional advantage of this juice is its smell which is flavored with pleasant odor. However some prefer to use with nicotine substance which measure can be reduced in future.

Nicotine concentrations

Nicotine mixture for juice is made according to user preference. When user needs electronic juice then he/she need to mention the nicotine concentration level in mg along with the order description. Standard notation used to mention the concentration of nicotine is mg/ml. Generally higher the nicotine concentration, higher the throat infection chances while inhaling the nicotine mixed juice. It is recommended to use low dose or mid range nicotine concentration. Lower concentration ranges from 6-8 mg and mid range measure tends to have 10-14 mg. Even nicotine free juices are common in recent days.

How to use Electronic juice?

Buy the best brand of e-juice from vendor with the amount of nicotine concentration known. Juice will be provided in disposable cartridge. Have the juice in electronic cigarette pipe. Thus it does not produce any fire, you can vapor whenever you need; this does not make any wastage. Enjoy your smoking experience with good premium quality juice in cheaper rate.

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