Steroids have become an integral part of all sports including cycling, athletics, weight lifting, swimming, wrestling or body building. You name it and chances are that it is already using steroids or people will start to use them soon enough. In wake of this highly controversial information, one can only wonder what the problems with using these steroids are or why is it wrong to use them. The answer is simple. It gives an undue advantage to the users of these anabolic steroids or other products that mimic the effects of these. Alternatively it gives rise to a situation in which all the other athletes or sportspersons are in a disadvantageous position from which winning is not easy for them. The sad truth is that almost all international level sports have found ways around these guidelines and stringent testing mechanism by agencies like World Anti-Doping Agency, which is the apex body for this offence. However all these strict laws and regulations are only for people, who are going to take part in these world class competitions? Most local tournaments do not test you for all these banned products and if you are not going to participate in any programs there is nothing that is holding you from sing these supplements to make yourself stronger, bigger and faster.


New Form Of Steroid That Can Simply Be Sprayed On You

IGF-1 is one such important product that can help you to increase your muscle mass and make you stronger in the process. It is a steroid that stands abbreviated as Insulin-like Growth Factor-1. The main constituent of the product is synthetic insulin which helps the body to synthesize the amino acids apart from regulating the body glucose level. This helps your body to get more energy for your body process which results in more energetic life for you. Apart from that the amino acids are compounds that form the proteins which is the fundamental thing for muscle growth. This is not easy to administer to people and it comes in the form a spray that can be directly applied to the body parts. Liposome is a lipid layer which can be used to carry or deliver a drug to the targeted part of our body. It is no wonder that this steroids comes as IGF-1+ Liposomal Spray. It is very easy to use and one can do this without the help of any other person. Moreover it is not very costly when compared with other similar products. You can find the spray being sold through many websites in the internet.

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