Ankle sprain is one of the most common issues for many sports people. If this is not treated properly then this can create an ankle instability which may leads to difficulty in participating in sport activities. The ankle is composed of the joints hence there are more chances of getting injured easily. The ankle ligament greatly supports the joint and helps to prevent an excess motion. If you are a sport’s person then you should be aware of the ankle sprain causes and treatment.

Know the causes of ankle sprain:

ankle cartilage surgeryStretching the ankle ligament beyond the maximum capacity may cause the ankle sprain. Stretching beyond the maximum ability may occur when you turn your feet inwards or outwards suddenly without knowing you may cause ankle sprain. There are also some other causes which may injure your ankle severely.

What are the symptoms of ankle sprain?

The ankle sprain is classified into grad 1 to grade 3. Each grade has to be treated differently.

Grade 1 – it may not be sever but a most common stage of sprain. This can be treated with tablets and ointment or spray.

Grade 2 – this type have partial rupture of the ligaments, this may lead to loss of motion.

Grade 3 – this is a complete rupture of the ankle ligament tear. This is where you need to get proper treatment for particular time period.

It is always better to treat the ankle sprain with non surgical treatment, because some people can’t handle the surgery in a proper manner hence it may leads to more severe injury.  Hence it is advisable to treat your ankle sprain in a easiest and non surgical manner. It is not advisable to use any medicine or tablets without doctor’s prescription. This may lead to many other difficult medical conditions.

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