It had always been recommended that anadrol is the best health supplement for males only. There are more chances that it can be equally beneficial for females also. The only thing that has to be done is to lower the dosage value. Mechanism of Anadrol works very fast in a human body which makes the body starts cutting the muscles and making it hard. This process can be different for women as it can affect different parts of the body too. It is for sure that anadrol works much better than any other supplements that are present in the market.

Hi, I am Linda I always wanted to join the cheerleading squad. The only thing that was making me not to become a part of the squad was the overweight that I was having. With the weight that I was having been not allowing me to do all the actions just like others were doing.  My height was perfect I only needed to have a slim body that can perform a different action on my own will. I asked many people if they knew something that can help me out. None of the answers that I found was helping me out.


Then I noticed my brother who was fat few months ago now he was back in shape. I asked him to tell me about the secret. Then he asked me to use some capsules of anadrol and tossed out the pack towards me. I started with 10 mg dosage which was suitable for me at that time. I never raised the dosage value and still sometime stick with 10 mg anadrol capsule. I was using it for weeks and there were no amount of results that I was finding. Soon at the end of one month, I realized that the clothes that I was wearing were looking baggy on me. Yes, I have lost some weight and it never made my body look skinny.

I was having both strengths in my muscle and stamina to cheer for a long time. I did get selected in the cheerleading squad and still More Bonuses were there with the use of anadrol. There are various reasons why women are not using anadrol and they have their own reasons. But here are some tips if going to use anadrol for More Bonuses:

  1. Be confident when using anadrol and never back down. The medication is really impressive that will help to cut the mass muscle. It will take some time to cut those unwanted fats so have some patients.
  2. The higher dosage for females will only bring side effects. The body of females is more delicate compared to males. Staying with the lower dosage will only be bringing out greater benefits.
  3. Only one dosage is enough is enough in a day. Taking more than one capsule will only be increasing the dosage value in the body. One dosage can be cut into two portions that can be taken twice in a day.

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