In the past decade, there is a trend of playing mobile games to get exciting entertainment especially among the kids and youngsters. Most of them are choosing different types of video games to play on their smart phones and tablets. Some of them would want to download games on their mobile devices to play and some wish to play live online games. Both will be beneficial to everyone in order get wonderful gaming experience. Now days, Pokemon Go is a very popular and trending mobile video game played by several numbers of online users.

Playing pokemon go game:

As the located based, free to play, and augmented reality game, most of the video game players would often like to play this pokemon go game on their smart devices. This game was developed for all versions of the Android and iOS mobile devices by Niantic.


If you have older or latest version of Android operating system in your smart phone or tablet and would want to download and install this video game to play, you have to download a perfect and original Pokemon GO apk from the reliable source. Generally, the players can go for the most reliable Google Playstore in order to get the APK of pokemon go game for free for your exciting game play.

Getting Pokemon GO apk:

At the beginning of July 2016, this pokemon go game was released in the different parts of the world with the compatible apk for android devices and other download forms for your Apple iOS mobile platforms.

  • The players can make use of the camera devices and GPS technology to get more amounts of pokemon in your surrounding regions.
  • This video game is actually about a travel between the virtual pokemon gaming world to the real world. Thus, it will give different gaming experience to all players.
  • At different parts of your living regions, the players have to collect tens and hundreds of species as the pokemon to easily and quickly win the game.
  • First, you need to download Pokemon GO apk on your Android mobile device like a smart phone or tablet and then you start playing this game by just catching each and every pokemon in your region.
  • Many online game download platforms have been providing this service of downloading apk for pokemon go game for completely free of cost to start playing this virtual reality game.


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