Nowadays, it looks like that everyone is talking about emergency food or emergency food storage tips. You will find loads of information on the World Wide Web as what to buy and how to store food items for a longer duration? For a newbie, it is difficult to grasp this information and prepare emergency food kits.

In this article you will come to know about simple strategies for making an emergency food supply.

Take Your Time, Go Slow

Whenever you visit supermarkets for your weekly purchase of fruits and vegetables, you can pick only 4-5 extra cans of dried meat. Try to store food at a pace you are comfortable with and don’t go with the advice of others who direct you to purchase all your emergency supplies at once. Start making a three-day supply for your family and gradually you can increase it up to a week. After this you can add a week by week and soon you will find three months of stored food for you and your family.

Spend Your Money Wisely

There is no reason to spend heavily on an emergency food supply. You can find out the supermarkets or food supply companies which are giving discounts on a certain amount of purchase. You can also use coupons and can shop on double coupon days. There are certain things on which you can bargain.


Check Your Storage Space and Optimize It

Simply purchasing emergency food kits will not serve the purpose; you need to store your emergency food supply properly. It may be a challenge for those people who are living in a small home and don’t have much space for storing. This is the time when you have to show your creativity, take a tour of your home and find out the space which you can utilize for storing. There are certain places like under beds, high in the closets, and under desks which you can utilize.

You can also do the space management by checking your cupboards and closets and remove the unnecessary items or duplicates from these places. This will help you create some more space. For example, in your kitchen there are several pans and pots which you don’t use regularly. Generally, we all use 2-3 pots alternatively. Stow the extras in your basement or give them to needy people and do charity.

Do Not Make It a Chore                        

Although, storing food for emergency purposes can be a challenging task, but this does not mean to consider it a chore and cat panicked. You can eliminate the element of panic by not doing it all at once. You can also include your kids and family members and take suggestions from them as what they would like to enjoy eating.

Store your food in Proper conditions

After finding the right space for storing emergency food, make sure to store it in proper conditions. There are several enemies for food stored like temperature, moisture, pests, and light. This means you cannot store food at those places at which temperature goes beyond 90° in summer. This may be your garage,which becomes hot in summer so you have to find places in your living area.

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