Cryptocurrencies have become a fairly common means of payment in countries such as Japan and the United States, where you can pay with bitcoin even in supermarkets, so they could very soon take off in Spain, the fifth country in the world by a number of ATMs bitcoin, blockchain  according to ATM Reader

What benefits do bitcoin report to companies?

Streamlines transactions.

If you work with different markets  and have clients from other countries, the delay in financial transactions can be a headache. In that case, buying and paying with bitcoin is a very interesting financial tool for SMEs since it speeds up economic transactions. Bitcoin transactions are almost instantaneous and there is no possibility to revoke the payment or issue it without having funds.


Reduce errors in transactions.

Bitcoin transactions are very secure, and they are always registered in an extensive decentralized network that does not depend solely on some important nodes, as is the case with banking networks. This considerably reduces the possibility that the money does not arrive or that it is necessary to repeat the operation. In addition, Bitcoin can detect typographical errors and prevents sending money by mistake to an invalid address.

Lower fees.

The costs involved in financial transactions are not negligible, both for large companies and for SMEs and freelancers. Each transaction not only involves paying bank commissions but also losses when converting from one currency to another. With bitcoin, the cost of transactions is reduced to a minimum since commissions are very low

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