Conducting personality test for employees can help to make an ideal organization. Alternatively, to assess candidate personality even before they become an employee in your group will help you to build the best team. Pre-employment test not only saves time and money of your hiring process but has more to contribute towards productivity, revenue generation, decrease attrition and still more.

Increase the Employee Productivity

When you hire candidates based on the Pre Employment Personality Test results, you have an objective data with you,which mean you have taken the right selection decision. In simple words, you have recruited the candidate who can fit in your team, your project and ultimately your organization goals. Yes, the candidate who passes the personality test will for sure be technically and culturally matching your expectations. Naturally, such hire cannot go wrong. They can quickly gel with the existing team.  They will not only produce results but also improve the productivity of other employees. Wondering how? Every time a new person joins the team, the team members will have a mixed feeling of jealousy and doubts. The candidate who clears the pre-employment personality test proves to get along the group and hence enhances the entire team’s productivity.

Reduction in Employee Attrition

Attrition means downsizing or reduction in number. If any organization fails to include the pre-employment test during their hiring process, then they may land up recruiting resources that may or may fit in the role. Once the working team and the manager understand the ability of the new joiner, they will decide to remove the person from their team. This will lead to attrition. Attrition penalizes the organization not only financially, but also morally. More employees leave the company will create a fear the other employee’s mind. The pre-employment personality test will save organization’s reputation, employee morale, and turnover.

Streamlined Recruitment Process

Recruitment cannot happen overnight. It can also not happen without a well-defined process. Trial and error method will not only consume time and money of the business. It will equally tarnish your company’s image in the industry. You must know what you require. Hiring the right resource has a broader role to play. Apart from project success, it also ensures repeated success in every aspect of the job. Hence, you must follow a process, and that must have the following stages in it.

  • Job posting through different sources including employee reference, job portals, and social media.
  • Resume screening.
  • Telephonic screening.
  • Online pre-employment personality test.
  • Direct interview.
  • Offer
  • joining

The test conducted before calling the candidate to the venue will save money, time of both candidate and company.

Offers Defensibility Legally

The federal guidelines governing the use of all the recruitment process confirms that pre-employment tests are entirely legal.These tests also offer an extra layer of legal defensibility.They help the employers with a purpose;methodicallyauthenticated predictors of accomplishment in a job.Pre-employment testing will let the employers be well prepared to guard their recruiting procedures.

Given the benefits of pre-employment testing, you must consider using the same for the safety, gaining reputation and increasing productivity of your organization.


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