Life can get busy and hectic simultaneously which adds to the panic of handling daily chores like laundry which is extremely important when we travel and work. We all have our laundry drama going on, especially when we are working and have least time to cover on to the laundry which can be easily neglected at times. So what can be done at such times, something that is reliable and efficient enough to come for our rescue!

Multifamily Laundry Service

Living in Florida, and not heard about commercial washers and dryers florida is not possible, they one of the best and reliable laundry services one can get. They provide laundry machines as well as accessories to multi-family locations across the state of Florida with much different equipment and also lease options. They are into this business since 35 years with Commercial Laundries of West Florida, Inc.

which is one of the best known for their very own extensive industry knowledge and un-paralleled customer service and support. They, commercial washers and dryers florida are known for giving each of their clients same level of consistency and longevity like no other laundry services across Florida. Not to forget they even provide and maintain all laundry machines at no added expenses their leasing customers which is like icing on the cake! They are the only brand with new coin-op washer and dryer with no capital outlay and with no repair bills too, which makes them stand out in taking care of their customer’s needs.


They are known in the industry for their commitment to the upcoming innovations, as all they products are designed and built to deliver ultimate efficiency, performance to coin laundries, on premises laundries and commercial laundries of all different types and sizes. The staffs are also immensely professional, with good service and experienced technicians who work with responsibility.

The customer services are spread at all locations of Tampa and Orland which is their headquarters where all factories trained service professional work all across Florida for the betterment of their valuable customers. Commercial Laundries have their reputation and stature for dependability as they install on the finest washer and dryers which are available in the market. As the technology is changing they are on the go to innovate better so the service always is on top quality and according to the customers’ needs.


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