All types of IT equipments have a short time lifespan and are discarded after the end of their useful life.These e-waste products contain toxic substanceswhich is harmful for our life and environment. Fortunately, these it equipment can be recovered and reused by recyclingproperly.

Some best way of it equipment recycling is as follows:

  1. Donate to a local charity or non-profit organization: There are some charities or nonprofit organizations out there that collect some of the old electronics products.
  2. Refurbish and resell: There are many it equipment recycling companies who collect old electronics products to renovate and resell equipment recycling
  3. Return electronics to its manufacturer: Some manufacturing companies have their own it equipment recycling So, their customers can return old electronics products to them for recycling.
  4. Get a Gift card by returning old it equipment: Some recycling companies offer a gift card for customers who returnany kind of old electronics devices to them for recycling purpose.
  5. Donate to a museum: Very old aged electronics devices can be donated to a museum for showing off about historical products. Viewers watch these products and learn about their shape, size or volume.
  6. Donate to an educational institution: Old electronics devices such as computer, printers etc. can be donated to any schools-colleges where students can open and learn the assembly of computers and printers. It helps kids to learn about machines practically.
  7. Art for artists: Artists and creative minded people are really cool at making new objects out of old electronics devices. Lamps, desk fan, clock, LED balloons, mini charger, heater etc. are creative objects made from old electronics device.

Finally, it is better for it equipment recycling rather than discarding and to save the environment from hazard.


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