Today plenty of software is available for staff management but there is no assurance whether all of them will be effective as the employer expect. If you are an employer who is looking for better software in order to manage everything with your employees then time genie will be an ideal option. Actually this is effective software which is being preferred and used by many employers in the present days. Therefore you can also use this software without any concern and it is sure that this will make all your tasks very simple.

Some of the employers would have heard something about this software meanwhile some of them will not have any idea about this. If you are one among them then you can get to know about this software here. Actually you are able to do many things with the help of this software. This will definitely be very helpful for you in employee scheduling through online. It has the features in order to do many processes like schedule duplication, shift swap and quick editing. Moreover you can also make use of the employee shift planner option and handle the hourly payments, varying salaries and expense repayments.


The Time genie has the options to give real time notifications therefore the individuals can easily get to know the things which the employer wants to convey. This software is completely reliable therefore the employer does not have to concern about the loss or misuse of data. Another major highlight about this Time genie is it can also be used in mobile therefore it is not compulsory for an employer to have computer or laptop all the time. They can simply install the software in their mobile and start using it for their purpose.

If you want to know more about this software then you can simply visit the official site of this software. You can Go Here and explore more information about Time genie and the features present in the software. The site will be having the testimonials given by the users hence you can go through those things and get an idea about the software’s efficiency.

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